Journal of a Taekwondo referee

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Referee refresher in Kedah

This was really a close shave. Was supposed to take the nite bus to Kedah on thurs nite. so i called for a cab and the stupid cab couldnt find my house and the stupid digi was down so they couldnt call me to say they're not coming. so at 11pm, i was still at home although bus leaves as midnite. panic.... called md, he couldnt help. got fed up, drove to pudu, parked at a hotel nearby.

walked really really fast to the bus station to meet up with kh. we reached kedah around 6.30am was picked up by syed. he asked if i was taking referee course too. hahahha....(was actually gonna assist kh for this course and my first solo intro lecture omg omg omg). course was held at the youth center which looked eerily like the youth centre in kuantan, and the stadium also looked eerily like stadium pahang.

so i talked on criterias to be a referee while the kedahans listened. also explained on kyonggos and gamjeoms. led the practicals, a lot of shouting and commands, which was a feat as im stil recovering frm my broken arm so hand signals did not look too firm or nice. had lunch at the stadium and practical and test around 5pm. suddenly the hall was filled with kids with ribbons and dancing, so we moved to the back of the hall for the test.

mayb its the location but the tkd camaraderie in kedah is like in my hometown. the black belts are like family and they treat each other like family. u cant find that in kl and i miss that. met nora who embarassed me cos she was malay and she spoke to me in chinese and i couldnt understand.

test went smoothly, those who were really good in practise, freaked out while testing, understandable if they're beginners .it gets better in the field. took a dinner at kuala kedah, food was delicious. bus at 9.30, reached kl the next morning almost 7am. had tosai before going home to sleep til 1pm.