Journal of a Taekwondo referee

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a pre new year BASH (and i really mean bash!)

Due to the sensitivity of the results of this tournament, i shall not reveal the location or c/ship name.

Woke up at 4.00 am as i had to be at the meeting point at 4.45am. Turned out everyone else was late and i waited til 5.15am. arrived at destination on schedule. went for sight seeing, we walked; how tiring that was. the accomodation was nothing to shout about and the towels had bugs. ewww....also i was the only female so i had no company.

we used the manual system with 3 judges. supporters made a ruckus when their players lost. first time i saw a fight. im used to the usual swears and insults from coaches and supporters but this was a full fledged fight. interesting actually to see how narrow-minded people can be and how they are a slave to their emotions. the referees were called back to the center. match was stopped til everyone calmed down.

at night, we had a good dinner and i met sir JH. he looked like denzel washington and apparently i wasnt the first to say so. then D,V, and i went shopping for souvenirs while the other masters went to goodness-knows-where. i bought a newspaper to read in my boring old room.

we had our finals the next day and then we set back home. it was an ok trip; nothing compared to terengganu 2 years back. but it was entertaining and educational to hear the masters recount their experiences in tkd and officiating.


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