Journal of a Taekwondo referee

Sunday, February 19, 2006

ATM championship at royal military college

First tourney for the year 2006. Arrived early. Saw Kak Mala and Nurul. Master J was there too. I like him, reminds me of tricia's dad. Tourney started on schedule. 2 rings. Did the girls' arena, which was relaxing. Ntg special happened except one guy pulled another guy's dobok so hard, it ripped off at the sleeve.

One thing i noticed, i drink like a horse during tourneys. There's a juice bar outside n I just loved juice.

Saw Master C there with his students (my former varsity mates). Feels weird to be treated like a celebrity with them wanting to take photos with me. Feels like family photo with me sitting in the middle with Master C. Had a chat with him.

Spent half of the day at inspection. Used to think that inspection were for losers and refs who had fouled up. Now i dont bother anymore, i got nothing to prove anymore. its more relaxing (u get to chat and get to know the rest).

opening ceremony was fun. officiated by this major general who looked really uncomfy in his dobok. delivered a long speech that no one listened to, except me (trying to look interested n polite). he broke 2 roof tiles as a way of launching the tournament (invitational between colleges and universities).


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