Journal of a Taekwondo referee

Sunday, February 19, 2006

3rd UIA Close

Was late. arrived at 845am as I went to Bt 14 to look for my missing dog. Arrived at the Rakan Muda hall in UIA where I had my last 'meaningful' tourney few years back before i had my ACL tear. No breakfast. Hungry. 2 rings for juniors. 15-25 kgs. Haha, I could lift the tiny tots with one side of my hand. Imagine, KALYEO then lift one in each hand put them back in the middle.

First day was very relaxing, the kids were like 6-10 years old. Lucky, Im short therefore i dont have to really squat to have a view of them fighting. But their height only reached my waist. oh dear..and when i call them up and issue them to begin the fight, they have no idea wat im saying but nodded serenely. two events worth mentioning:

  • a cute girl who cried n cried n cried while kicking. eventually, she decided not to fight. her pop turned out to b the organizer...manja-nya.....awwww
  • a boy (in his teens, yeah, im old teenagers also i address them as 'boy') who got kicked in the face and proceeded to bleed bright red blood. i've never seen blood so red (rich in oxygen?). counted till 5 or 6 then called medic. safety first, my young lad.
  • placed myself between the 2 fighters (u know those tall boys who were all arms and legs?). one decided to side step so now i was facing the back of him. then he decided to chase after his opponent to the edge of the ring. took me a while to catch up, getting slow on my feet, attention wavering too. i envy tall people like mr V and mr TC. they appear so relaxed as they tower over everyone else, a few steps left and right and they already covered the whole arena.
  • the width of the mats are 8m. Red on my left. Blue on my right...5 metres away. So far, how to kick la, dude?
1st day finished at 1pm, no lunch so had lunch with Mr V. Havent been to WM in quite awhile, since Justin i think. So much food everywhere, so many DVD everywhere! its like a chinatown in the outskirts. hmmm..may consider moving there, nearer to workplace.

2nd day. Thought i was late, heh, was 1st to arrive. hunted for breakfast. had macaroni. i love pasta and macaroni in UIA. when arrived at hall, organizers prepared breakfast, i guess they felt guilty for no lunch yesterday. 2nd round nasi lemak. Some slow starts, eventually picked up pace. Tourneys lately have been quite relaxed even with the males. Organizers were trying to drag out the tourney til 5 pm. So had a lot of time out and breaks.

On an eating n drinking binge:
  • dadih (supposed to b tau-foo-far)
  • coconut water
  • grass jelly
  • doughnut
  • macaroni
  • tomato rice + chicken + acar (this was nice)
The lunch was by far the best service i have ever had. they actually served us. normally in tourneys its just 'grab your own food pack n drink in plastic bag' and find an empty seat n eat. i've eaten chicken rice in previous tourneys that gave me diarrhoea, and once even had to eat while sitting on some stairs. finally finished the tourney at 5pm. tired, cos was in the center most of the time with nurul as there were not enough referees.


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