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Thursday, August 18, 2005

National Remaja Tournament

This is my first national tournament. It had his hiccups & false starts (it nearly got canceled!).
Location: Kuala Terengganu.

Friday (27/5)
Woke up at 9am. Packed like mad. Refilled dog food for Angel.Took a cab to Kajaang station. Arrived at airport.Hungry. Had Burger King lunch. Stil hungry. Flight ticket was only RM78 two ways. Alternative was to drive for 6 hours. No thanks.Touched down around 1pm. Checked into Hotel Seri Malaysia. Room mate is KM. Met her during UKM Open.

Pizza lunch. Yum. Finally sated.

To stadium to help with bout chart.

Bout chart stil not finished. Was surprised that MD came for this tournament. When MD gave orders, no one dared disobey them. Thank god he was there else I'd be there til the wee hours of the morning. So people started jumping around & acted real busy to help me and SW.

Took a bus to the stadium. Tganu looks like a smaller version of Kuantan. Got home sick looking at signs pointing to Kuantan. Being an SR, got assigned to Inspection duty. SW had the flu, so switched with her. Thanks SW! Got assigned to a ring headed by Mr H. I like him, a pleasant guy to work with. Last worked with him at PD. He's a bit like KS, nothing can make him lose his temper. To prevent unfair judgment, Mr H did not allow refs to be centre when players are from the same academy. That pissed Mr S off & he walked off in a huff. Do not like ppl who are rude and show no respect to the HOC. SKipped lunch, but was really thirsty. ABout 100 bouts had to be carried fwd to the next day as tournament stopped at 6pm due to dinner organized by president of tganu tkd asso.
Was pretty tired. Collapsed on bed, took a bath & rushed out to bus to goto dinner. Pretty thoughtful of the organizers to treat the ref & players to dinner. As an official, got to sit on table & served, instead of buffet. Thank god!

Went down to breakfast. Saw Master H with coffee on his IR shirt & pants. Poor him. Someone spilled a cup on him. Turned out it was Mr B. Hahaha. Yellow & black definitely do not mix.
There were 8 rings to pick up the slack frm yesterday. Assigned to another ring today. HOC lacked confidence & kept referring to the IRs for minor & obvious decisions. WHen parents were unsatisfied with the decision, he even revealed the score sheets to them at their request. Duh.. Was feeling tired from activity yesterday & early this morning. Only paying 100% attention while being centre ref. Scoring wasn't that accurate, as attention kept diverting elsewhere. ;) Almost all the fights where i was center resulted in a woosay kiro (draw). the first time when i have reached a decision & returned to the center and on the verge to declaring the winner (my hand was already lifted to center so they knew who was gonna win, the supporters were already getting ready to cheer), the HOC called me back. he wanted to make sure i got the right winner. geez. later, did a few finals, including one of the girls heavyweight. Stood at the borderline to keep fighters frm going out of boundary like a good referee. kept my distance like a good referee. girls heavyweight glaring at each other. u know when girls get angry they start pulling hair, and pummeling with their fists? this one, while glaring at her opponent, swung a back fist sideways..not at her, but at me... of cos i was busy observing the match and caught it in the face, right between nose & lips. owwww. head thrown back, saw stars & talked to God for awhile. i stopped the match, wondering if i had blood pouring out of my mouth (they had mouth guards, i dont!). Luckily. everything was allright. Few matches later, after declaring the winner, crowd got rowdy. looked up to see them red-faced & angry, shouting like a mob. took me a while to figure they were making rude gestures to me.. ah.... making rude gestures back at them definitely not a good show of professionalism. so ignored them thus making them look pretty silly.

Collected pay frm Master MD. SW came in with a huge plastic of keropok lekor. I think she bought the entire stall frm the looks of it. Delicious. I think i devoured 10. Had some chat with Master DT, JH etc. Really nice people. Master DT looks like a better version of my father. Got
Master W to sign some previous tournaments i officiated.

Got back around 8pm. Hunted for food with the Tan brothers & SW. Got back early to expect a call frm bear but he never called. Fell asleep tired & depressed.

Took the day off. Woke up early. Had breakfast. I really love the hotel porridge. When im working, never had the chance to really sit down & chat during breakfast. Took some pics. See below.

Went to airport. Flight delayed for 1 hour. Peeled oranges for SW to eat. Mr MT called to ask me how i was. touching. Master KM came to sit awhile, he took the MAS flight. Lucky him. Got bored of listening to parents talking abt rowdy crowd. Fell asleep. Getting old, can even fall asleep in public places. Yapped on the plane til reached KL. Mr A's pop came to fetch us. Had banana leaf rice for lunch at Kajang. Yummy. Its the same area where i ate when i first came to UKM. Brings back memories.

Epilogue - this was the last tournament i officiated in when MTA got deregistered by the Sports Commissioner. Was supposed to do Selangor Open, Kuantan MSSD, UKM Close but my priorities have changed in these few months.

Dunno if there will be other entries after this regarding referee matters. Its been a fun 1.5 years, met a lot of interesting people, learned a lot on human behaviour. Being a referee is another aspect of TKD worth exploring once you get your brown or black. This blog will continue to exist for me to reminisce the good times i had with my friends. I will be starting a training blog which encompasses tkd & karate soon.


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