Journal of a Taekwondo referee

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Must have list

These are essentials to survive a minimum of 2 days refereeing. As interesting as I made it sound, most of the time (esp after lunch!), u tend to get sleepy after the first 20 bouts. So pack these things in the list to avoid
being reprimanded by your chief.

- referee book (the paper that states you have done so and so tourney)
- pen (bring more than 1)
- cuppa coffee (for me, i bring my entire thermos)
- sweets (nothing like a wake up call than using sugar!)
- ciggies (if u smoke)
- plastic forks & spoon
- tissue (to mop up yr sweat)
- your mobile (but keep it in silent mode)
- a camera (for those kodak moments)


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