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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Events worth mentioning

There are always unforgettable events at every tournament. Things that make you wake up, sit up straight & actually concentrate on the fight. Here are a few from the latest SUKMAS 2 at UKM, Malaysia. FYI, SUKMAS is the national university games for the entire country.

1. Me as center. Fight fight fight. Blue gestures for a timeout. I give a time out. Blue goes to edge of ring & blows his nose. ewww...

2. Me at sidelines. Two guys fighting aggressively. Referee halts match. Both players continue bumping each other chest to chest like caveman.

3. Me at sidelines. Player falls down after kicking near the attention line. Player then proceeds to roll out of the ring. Is that a warning?

4. Finals. Blue is late because he's in the gents. Match starts. Blue gives a deliberate punch to Red's face. Red falls. Medic comes. Red is able to continue. Red proceeds to beat the crap outta Blue to win the gold. Blue's team mates stopped cheering for him after the foul.

5. Me at inspection. I'm inspecting the girls btw. Player comes to me. I look at the player and almost without thinking pointed to the boys inspection. Thank god i took a second look. It was a very tomboyish girl. Needless to say, this girl went on to the finals. Superb fighting skills. Got a silver.

Below is an incident from UKM Open 2003:

1. Blue's coach is this 130 kg heavyweight whose bulk makes him look square. Coach's phone rings in the middle of match. Coach answers phone & proceeds to slouch & spread his legs wide and talks really loud. Nuff to say that Blue got a warning due to his coach's disrespect.

Snaps from MASUM 2005

My former master Chauw


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